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Awards and Recognition

In the Lt. Governor’s Computing Challenge, there will be no traditional winners or rankings based on first, second, or third place. Instead, the focus will be on recognizing and celebrating exceptional student projects for their quality, creativity, and impact. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of expert judges. The goal is not to determine “winning” projects, but rather to recognize and reward the many innovative and impressive submissions that are sure to be a part of this challenge.

Participants in the Lt. Governor’s Computing Challenge will have the opportunity to contend for a variety of fabulous STEM-related incentives and prizes. Just enter the competition in one of the three challenges and submit your project to be eligible. Rewards include:  

  • Customized tours of colleges across Connecticut 

  • Tours of research facilities 

  • Museum admission tickets 

  • Job shadows 

  • Ipad(s) 

  • Aquarium Tickets

  • LiveGirl Summer Camp

  • And more.... 


Announcing The Jackson LaboratoryAchievement Award


The Jackson Laboratory Achievement Award seeks to promote participation by students in Connecticut’s 36 Alliance Districts.


Through The Jackson Laboratory Achievement Award, individuals/teams from Alliance Districts at the Elementary, Middle and High school level will receive cash prizes in the Prototype and Development Challenge categories. Building off the scoring criteria outlined by the Coding Challenge, additional weight will be given to projects that have a Bioscience/Public Health/medical innovation focus.


"The Computing Challenge is a fun, meaningful way to get students thinking creatively about making health and wellness initiatives accessible to their communities through technology,”


Sarah Wojiski, Director of Education and External Programs at JAX.


Every student who participates will receive a certificate signed by Lt. Governor Bysiewicz

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